Frequently Asked Questions

Most of your frequently asked questions should be answered below, if you still need help then please let us know via the Contact us page.


You can collect your Christmas tree and other items from your local school. This is the school you selected at the checkout stage when you paid for your tree.

All Christmas trees, and other items, can be collected on the morning of Saturday 4th December, generally between 7.30am and 10.30am. The times for some schools may differ slightly. Any variation will be communicated a week prior to collection via email.

Radiata pine (Pinus radiata)

The Radiata pine is Australia's most common Christmas tree variety. It is a hardy, drought tolerant tree, which can grow over 2 metres tall in 4-5 years

We order trees from our suppliers that are around the six foot mark. It is not an exact science and it never quite works out like that – we tend to see a range in sizes between five and seven feet.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A specific tree cannot be reserved, rather the earlier you arrive on collection day the broader the selection you will have. 

Environment and Recycling

Most councils will collect Christmas trees in January if they are left out on ‘green bin’ collection day. just leave your tree out with your green bin. It is best to contact your local council to see if they are organising a Christmas Tree collection.

Recycling your real Christmas tree is important because you will ensure it does not go to waste by ending up in landfill. Your real Christmas tree can be used as a fantastic source for mulch, which is used to protect and nurture soil.

When you buy a Christmas tree that’s freshly cut, you’re doing your fair share of helping the environment as they are renewable and recyclable. For every tree that is harvested, three seedlings will be planted. For the four or five years they grow they will be absorbing carbon dioxide.

Care and Transport

Refresh the tree by making a straight cut across the base, taking 2cm off the stump before you place it into a stand with water. This simple measure will better enable your real Christmas tree to absorb sufficient water to maintain its freshness.

Place the Christmas tree in a Christmas tree stand and top up the stand with water each morning. If the water drops below the base of the trunk, the trunk may seal itself and not be able to absorb water and the stump will need to be cut again.

If you do not wish to put your tree up immediately, store it in a cool place out of wind and sun in a bucket of water. Place the tree away from sunlit windows, other heat sources as this will dry out your tree prematurely. 

If properly cared for your Christmas tree should look and smell beautiful for up to 4 weeks.


The ingredients for each pudding depend on the individual type. We have listed the ingredients for each pudding in the 'Pudding Ingredients' section on each product page. The Gluten Free Pudding is Wheat, Dairy and Lactose-Free. All puddings may contain traces of nuts.