Lane Cove Public School

145-153 Longueville Rd, Lane Cove


We are selling beautiful, freshly cut Christmas Trees for the 2019 festive season.

Christmas trees can be purchased on a pre-order basis by school parents and locals alike. The trees are fantastic quality and since the P&C is buying in bulk you’ll receive a beautiful tree and save money.

The height is approximately 2 metres, although each individual tree may vary slightly. There is only one size of tree available for order.

Pricing. The price for trees are $75 on a pre-order basis.




This year we are also selling stands that will keep your tree fresh for all the Christmas season. By request we have sourced Christmas Puddings this year. You can buy gold medal winning Pudding Lane puddings in a variety of sizes.

Purchase links: Stands - $30.00  |  Puddings - variable


How it works

Ordering your tree online prior to collection ensures that your tree is reserved for you. On the collection day you simply turn up to your school with your tree waiting for you.

Trees are freshly cut the afternoon before collection on the farm in the Southern Highlands. They are then shipped overnight and waiting at the school for you to take them home the next morning.

2019 Tree Collection Dates

Tree collection this year will be on the morning of Saturday 7th December 2019 at your school.

Thank you for your support. All proceeds will go towards the school’s P&C fund.