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Pudding Lane

Gluten Free Pudding

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Serving Sizes

500g Round ..... 4-5 serves
500g Log ......... 5-6 serves
1kg Round ........ 6-8 serves
1kg Log ............ 8-10 serves
1.5kg Round ..... 10-12 serves
2kg Round ....... 14-18 serves
3kg Round ....... 20+ serves

Pudding Ingredients

Australian Fruit (39%) (Sultanas, Raisins, Currants), Fresh Free Range Eggs, Fresh Gluten Free Breadcrumbs [Water, Tapioca, Corn (Non-GM), Stone-milled Organic Quinoa, Yeast, Sea salt, Guar Gum (412)], Non-GM Canola Oil, Dates, Rice Flour, unmalted Australian Brandy, water, orange juice, natural Vanilla & Lemon essences, baking soda & spices.
** May contain traces of Sesame **

Hand-Made with the finest Australian Vine fruits, locally baked fresh Gluten free breadcrumbs, fresh local Free range eggs, Rice Flour and unmalted Brandy.

A Traditional tasting Pudding made in the traditional method, still supremely moist. With No Artificial; Colours, Flavours or Preservatives and No artificial sweetener or Added Sugar. 

Wheat, Dairy and Lactose-Free. All ingredients are GM Free. Suitable for Vegetarians.

Scientifically tested and Gluten not present at the minimum quantification limit of 0.0005%, <5ppm.

The maker PUDDING LANE is a Professional Industry Member of the Coeliac Society of NSW, Australia.