• Collection Day

    Collection Day

    Your tree will be waiting for you to collect. You will be able to choose from all those available

  • Smiles All Round

    Smiles All Round

    Make sure you bring the kids when you collect your tree - they love helping you choose

  • Freshly Cut

    Freshly Cut

    Your Christmas Tree was freshly cut the day before collection to ensure its as fresh as possible

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Beautiful, Fresh Christmas Trees

Real Christmas trees are such a great addition at Christmas time. Nothing beats the smell of a real tree during the festive season.

Your tree is currently growing in the Southern Highlands, and by December, it will be between five and six feet tall. The night before collection we will bring it to your school, freshly cut, and smelling of Christmas.

Plus, the money raised from the sale of the trees, stands and puddings goes towards your School’s P&C Fund.